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Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Huge buzz of the moment with the bankruptcy of the VANMOOF brand preceded by other more or less small ones.

They had chosen to surf on the global success of Electric Mobility but by imposing technical principles, wheel hubs with integrated motors, tools, accessories that could be described as proprietary, just like politics successful from APPLE …

We have chosen for EVOL to design and produce a special frame but accepting all native BMX and BIKELIFE accessories, standard wheels of different sizes 24 or 26 and even for the 2024 season, 27.5 wheels…

Do you already own a BMX and want to join the E-BIKELIFE?

Easy, order us a frame, an engine or not (you can choose it and buy it directly on the INTERNET, same thing for the batteries), dismantle your old BMX to recover wheels, handlebars… or choose them directly in your favorite store or on the internet and Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) or let your favorite workshop be done !

Of course you can also buy a complete bike from us.

With your support, our passion and our dynamism, EVOL will continue on its way